The Entrepreneurial Artist Begins!

Over the last year or so, I’ve nurtured a dream of helping our students and others learn to use mobile and web-based tools to produce and promote their creative efforts.  Beginning with an opportunity to teach in the Bridging Disciplines Program here at the University of Texas at Austin, an idea has taken shape.  There’s a lot of work to do before classes start, but it’s time to begin sharing progress and ideas. I had previously taught Electronic Music and Sound Design topics in the Butler School of Music and Department of Theatre and Dance, but new processes and tools have been added since then.  There are course management systems to program and web sites to design. Teaching materials and presentations to build.  Gone are the days when we walked into the classroom at the top of the hour, lectured for 50 minutes and then left.  Teaching has become a much more comprehensive and immersive endeavor.

I love it.

The Entrepreneurial Artist represents the best opportunity to inspire students and participate with them in the dream of creating something new. This is going to be a thrilling semester.

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