A Social Media Case Study: A Home Base for Content

With “The Entrepreneurial Artist” in hiatus until next fall, it’s time to reflect on the past semester and see what we’ve learned. I wanted the students to use, or at least understand, more social media strategies.  Expanding my own use of online media as an incentive (“you have to eat the dog food!”), I initiated a number of new online accounts.  It’s now time to rationalize all of that activity. First step: an inventory of my social media and links:

map of JBK's online media

Drew Carls, Digital Content Coordinator for the University of Texas at Austin, spoke with our class last semester, and promoted several ideas, including having a “home base” for your content. JimKerkhoff.com, is my home base. Everything I publish online can be found there — either with links on the home page, or through links and feeds. So far, so good. He had several other ideas:

  • Be a good writer. It’s the #1 skill for success on the Web.
  • Don’t link, write about the content. What do you think about the content?
  • Be discoverable. How will people find you?
  • Be sharable. Is it easy for others to promote your work?

Next: Can you tell a good story, or why so many web sites?


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