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How do I know? Podcasts, TWIT

In a previous post, I began unpacking how I know about cool tech stuff these days. There are a lot of great sites on the Web, and figuring where to start is the problem. Although I had been using the Internet

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What Tech Web sites Do I Read?

A student recently asked me how I learn about the technology we study in class. We had just talked about the music video “You’ll Return” and how it was made, and she was looking for the best web sites to learn

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What is a Social Blog?

In his article “The Last Social Blogging Guide You Will Ever Need“, Mike Elgan provides the clearest description of social blogging I have yet seen.  Based on another idea by Dave Winer that a social blog is the “unedited voice

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Gutenberg the Geek

There are many striking similarities between Johannes Gutenberg and modern-day entrepreneurs. Gutenberg the Geek by Jeff Jarvis makes good reading for anyone interested in this proto-entrepreneur who changed history with the invention of the printing press.  Talk about putting a

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Makers by Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired Magazine, has written several books on technology. His latest, Makers, talks about his experiences in the maker movement and building a company to produce drones. His persuasive discussion of open source is a worthwhile read

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